MyManager™ knows your projects and data are top secret asset and your competitive advantage therefore, it is developed with top level enterprise class security architecture to ensure your needs and satisfaction. MyManager™ web server is maintained by Firehost, one of the top secured cloud service providers in the world, which is trusted by famous research institutions like Johns Hopkins University, Duke University, National Breast Cancer Foundations Inc., 3M etc. indicating the quality of the service. Please check the Security page for further information.

Nothing serious, just go to User >> Edit Account, change necessary info and save – you are done. You can keep your MyManager™ account as usual. Updating necessary contact info is important for security purpose. Because all the account activities are monitored 24/7/356 so as soon as the system will identify that the account is regularly being controlled from an unknown address it may lock the account access.

We may keep the data for 30 days for your safety in case you forgot to renew your account in due time or we do not receive any confirmatory information from you regarding discontinuation of MyManager™ account. As soon as you will renew your account your old database will be integrated to your renewed MyManager™ account at no cost. However, if you are not interested to continue with MyManager™ then the data will be removed within 14 days.

You can download all of your data during the active period of your account, and we will permanently remove all the data from our system if you inform us that you will not continue with your MyManager™ account. If you wish you can also keep the data in our safe cloud server for a long period under different contract. In this case you will have accessibility to your data but not the utilities of MyManager™. Please contact us if you are interested for this service.

We recommend you keep your password in a safe place. If you forget your password then click on Lost Password in Log in page. You will get instructions to restore your password. For safety reason we will not deliver the password through telephone or other media except the specific email address that was used for registration.

Click User >> Change Password to change your own password. As administrator if you wish to change password for any user then click User >> Users. Click respective edit icon under Actions tab to reset password for any user of the team.

As administrator click on User >> Access Control. You can set permission for new user using the Create Permission button on this page. If you wish to edit the permission then please click on the edit icon under Actions tab to relevant user and then reset the access options for each module. By default all the access options are set to ‘No’ for users to ensure security against unauthorized access of any user to any module.

Practically it depends on you. As the administrator you will decide who will have access to which projects or files or messages. Individual users also can select target viewer if allowed to do so.

If you wish to get your money back, please contact us using the Contact tab of menu bar within the 30 days of your purchase. No-hassle, we will refund your money within the possible earliest time after confirming the request by email or telephone.

We offer 30-day 100% money-back guarantee. You can use your MyManager™ account for 30 days with all features and technical supports, if you are not satisfied with MyManager™ within this period we will refund your money. From 31 days of account activation we will not recognise refund request.

Each account is authorised for 12 months (1 year). You will get automatic reminder for the last 30 days in your MyManager™ dashboard regarding your account renewal information.

Contact us with your requirements and we will adjust the limit with a little cost.

Usually we are able to satisfy customisation needs within 24 hrs; for perpetual account it depends on specific requirements and varies from 1 day to 14 days.

If our regular package is not suitable for you, e.g., you need higher number of user or higher amount of database storage please contact us using the Contact Us form in the menu tab with your requirements for detail info.

We offer perpetual account as per client’s need. Please contact us with your specific need for detail info.

Yes you can upgrade your account at any time. The price will be adjusted as per relevant pricing policy. Please contact us for details. No downgrade is possible at this moment.

MyManager™ offers open-ended package, so that you can choose any number of user access. After the 5-user base package, select the additional number of users that will satisfy the number of your team member – it is that simple. Remember to consider additional user access for collaborators.

We use PayPal Pro, which is one of the most secured payment gateway for online transaction, so all the credit cards approved by PayPal is fine along with PayPal account. We do not collect and store any credit card information in our system.

Please check the Pricing or Package page and click the ‘Buy Now’ button to proceed to checkout page.

Please check the Pricing or Package page for relevant package price. For custom package and perpetual account please contact us with your requirements.

MyManager™ is committed to customer satisfaction so don’t hesitate to immediately contact us using the Contact button of the menu bar with your problem. We will try to solve the issue as soon as possible to ensure your hassle-free experience with MyManager™.

You can upload as many files as you wish until you reach your database storage limit you have chosen during package selection. However, you can increase the limit by contacting MyManager™ if you need to. You can upload word, power point, excel, PDF, image, video, audio files into your MyManager™ database. If you feel problem uploading any specific file please contact us to solve the issue.

No, we know scientists are busy and don’t like to spend time in routine management job so R&D- MyManager™ support team will be maintaining your backups every day and will retain for 14 days. In case you have accidentally lost your data in your local premises always MyManager™ can bring you back on track within a reasonable period of time.

Unlike other software, you don’t need to be worried about physical activities and/or extra payment for getting latest updates or upgrading to new version of your MyManager™. All the updates will be integrated instantly by the support team to your MyManager™ account as soon as they will be released without any actions necessary from you, and all of these are free of cost.

After setting, you don’t need to allow extra time at all for running your MyManager™ account. In fact you will be saving lot of time after using MyManager™. Continue with your normal schedule of periodical meetings with your team members and the meeting decision need to be updated in the specific forms of MyManager™ by the relevant team member or yourself – that’s all you will have to do.

Most likely you can set-up your account by yourself using the help menu very easily. However, if you are not comfortable please contact us using the Contact tab, and we will contact you to set a suitable time to work together for starting up your MyManager™ as soon as possible – and it is a free complementary service for a limited time.

For any packages of MyManager™ account you can create unlimited number of projects and assignments as long as your allocated storage space is full.

Depending on the MyManager™ package you have chosen you can have 1 – 101 users; however, if you need more user access (101 – unlimited) you can contact us for customised package.

Check you have purchased the right package to accommodate desired number of users. As administrator click on User >> New User, and fill the form and chose the status (Active) then click Create. New user will be created. To delete or ban an existing user click on User >> Users, and then use the update or delete icons under Actions tab for the specific user to delete or suspend user status in MyManager™.

No, not at all. MyManager™ is built by a group of experienced researchers and researcher-cum-accredited project manager so the insider feelings are considered throughout to make it user friendly. You don’t need any IT knowledge or IT professionals for running your MyManager™ account. It is as simple as email account – just follow the action buttons and you are done.

No, you don’t need to install any software for running your MyManager™ account. Similar like email – just open the webpage using internet browser and log in to your account to proceed.