Productivity Indices

In research and development projects, particularly for academic research and development projects, the outputs are not generally sellable products like general commercial projects. Instead these products are mostly linked with and reasons for recognitions, and indirect financial benefits (non-personal). Recognitions are achieved through (i) publications, (ii) attending relevant conferences, seminars and society meetings, and (iii) academic meetings etc. Indirect financial benefits (non-personal) are achieved through (i) grant, (ii) patent, and (iii) feed-in etc.

The term ‘feed-in’ represents the amount of money a project related team member has helped the team or project or organization saved by his/her voluntary activities. For example, one person has arranged some materials from a source without spending money (like adequate amount of reagent as free sample). Another example could be that one person has produced some material in lab which can be bought from the market at a higher price but this voluntary activity has saved money form the project. For both of these cases the amount of money saved for the team or project will be considered as feed-in value/product for the relevant person.

Based on user’s data input, MyManager™’s unique productivity module will calculate, record, and display Total Productivity Points (TPP) for any project or a project related person. It will also calculate the Cost per Productivity Point (CPP), which will show how much cost is incurred to achieve 1 point for a project or for a team member. These indices will provide direct evaluation of productivity of a project or person that will present definitive information regarding which project is to continue, which project is to amend, which project is to abandon, and how productive a team member is etc. These unique productivity indices and the performance indices of MyManager™ will absolutely provide you significant lead to excel your research success.