Inefficiency factors

Inefficiency factors:  

MyManager™ will effectively win you over the following inefficiencies of research project and lab management in real-time, and will excel your research success.  

Inefficiency Factors Description
Activity Management Are all the laboratory activities running as planned?
Time Management Are the activities being done as per schedule?
Cost Management Which activity is consuming how much money and why?
Quality Management What is the failure rate for experiments for each team member?
Cost-efficiency Management What percentage of spent money is producing effective results?
Productivity Management What is the performance of team members or projects?
Inventory Management How much of which materials are stored where, and under whom?
Priority Management Which materials should be consumed on priority basis to avoid wastage and unnecessary purchase?
Communication Management Are all the relevant people well connected and communicating effectively?
Confidentiality Management Are unauthorised people getting access to your valuable data?
Data Validation Are the data trustable or is there any chance of data modification that can jeopardize your career?
Consistency in Experiments Are validated protocols being followed, and findings recorded to ensure data reproducibility?
Not Being Current Are you getting all the information from lab instantly and without any dependence?
Safe Data Bank Are all the data stored and organized safely for future use?
Data Accessibility Can you access your data securely from anywhere at any time?