Communication is the most critical factor for anyone to be a successful project manager or business leader. Ideally, project managers spend 90% of their time for communication. Therefore, the major dissatisfaction in project arises from the lack of effective communication. By establishing and maintaining an efficient communication management plan one can win this pressure situation. Practicing the following steps can turn the complex ‘communication management plan’ into an easy manageable task.

Identify stakeholders
Develop the list of all stakeholders, either external or internal, at the very beginning of a project as soon as the business plan is approved. Remember to update the list periodically or as soon as a new change or issue is evolved. Collect all kinds of possible contact information, including social media like Facebook or LinkedIn, of stakeholders in an integrated communication management system, like MyManager™. However, never share business information on social network; instead use them to build personal relationship.

Grade stakeholders
Ideally all stakeholders are equally important for the success of a project; though, practically they are not equipotent for a project. Therefore the impact on the project and interest for the frequency and the content of information are not same for all stakeholders. Identify the interests of all key stakeholders in the project as well as their favourite mode of communication, and act accordingly to satisfy them. Use an integrated communication management system, like MyManager™, to create the databank and to get the best benefit. Keep in mind that the interest for and influence on a project of an individual stakeholder can change over time.

Be proactive
Do not miss the schedule for reporting. Never wait until someone is asking for the report or any update on an issue. Always keep in mind that delaying in reporting will spread rumor, and rumour spreads very quickly. Most importantly, try to use some communication system, like MyManager™, to maintain the record of all communications with the reference of specific work-package or assignment of a project. This kind of linked or integrated documentation will save you in case there will be a crisis situation arising in future. Such kind of system will also help you to create desired reports instantly with real-time information.

Be focused
Create the report or message to the point. Always provide a summery at the beginning of the report. Avoid technical jargons because all of the stakeholders might not be familiar with such kind of words. Avoid descriptive report instead provide bulleted points or graphical information or numerical tables with proper labelling so that receivers will easily understand the key points. Using a customized template can help making great reports.

Be truthful
Do not provide any hypothesis but the fact. One story will bring ten other stories and ultimately it will burst with obnoxious events. Do not hide information about failed assignments. In case, there are information for a failure or negative assignment then always remember to include relevant recovery plan in the report. Using advanced management system, like MyManager™, will make every activity available to the relevant people so no point of making mistakes.