MyManager™ knows your projects and data are top secret asset and your competitive advantage therefore, it is developed with top level enterprise class security architecture to ensure your needs and satisfaction. MyManager™ web server is maintained by Firehost, one of the top secured cloud service providers in the world, which is trusted by famous research institutions like Johns Hopkins University, Duke University, National Breast Cancer Foundations Inc., 3M etc. indicating the quality of the service.


Some of the clients who trusted Firehost Service

Secured Access

User authentication is protected by financial institution-like encryption technology, and ensures only trusted users have access.

Multilevel granular user access module ensures selective access of trusted user to any projects, data, or even a message.

Secured connection between approved user and MyManager™ is confirmed using SSL certificates (256 bit encryption) so that any amount of data can be transferred securely.

Access ports to the web servers are controlled by hardware firewall that protects access of unwanted intruder.

Enterprise-level web application firewall actively protects data from sophisticated hacker attacks; any suspicious activity is blocked.

Antivirus Protection

Managed antivirus protection ensures engineers regularly monitor for virus activity, and virus definition files are up-to-date.

All files uploaded and shared within MyManager™ are virus-scanned during uploading process. Any infected or suspicious files are destroyed or quarantined immediately so it cannot infiltrate the system.

Secured Data Center

Data center location purposely built to go beyond compliance requirements and achieve the highest security standards.

Data center has multiple power sources, the most sophisticated conditioning and backup systems, and sits comfortably a top the best internet peers.

Physical access to the data center is entirely enclosed in thick wire mesh, constantly monitored by HD motion cameras, vigilantly guarded by security badge readers and IRIS (eye scanning) technology.

HSSD/Laser Detection is applied throughout the facility for advance level safety.

Secured Operation

State-of-the-art technology in association with rigorous protocols protects your privacy and keeps user information, and data confidential.

Service Level Agreement (SLA) guarantee - 100% network uptime and 100% infrastructure uptime.

The most advanced virtualization technologies from VMware ensure cutting edge facilities for scalability, efficiency and security.

Daily managed data backup snapshots with 14 days retention ensures you don't need to worry for lost data.

The server, database, network, and operating systems are protected against hacking activities including SQL Injection, Session Hijacking, Cross Site Scripting (XSS), Distributed Denial of Service (DoS/DDoS), Zero Day Web Worms, Directory Traversal, Cross-site Request Forgery, Brute Force Login, Credit Card Exposure etc.

The server is being monitored for 24x7x365, and the support team proactively takes measures against putative threats.

The User Footprint module will provide real-time identification of any unauthorized access/activities to your MyManager™ account from user level, so that you can immediately stop the intruder by yourself - no third party dependence.