About Us


The word MyManager™ represents that the system is not only for the executives or senior managers but for everyone working in a team from top to bottom. Every person in a team can feel that the application is for them, to manage their own task, and to help their professional progress in the organization.

The concentric spiral shape indicates all activities are integrated at a single point in MyManager™ system, which is an exceptional strength for coordinated one-stop efficient management. The funnel-shaped open end form denotes that MyManager™ can accommodate activities from diverse field out of the confined office location and with versatile functionalities, and therefore suitable for effective project management of diverse and virtual organization.

The solid black line indicates distinct boundary between MyManager™ internal and external environment, and reflects strong security of the MyManager™-service that is one of the utmost importances for any professional management system. The green color reflects that MyManager™ will convert your system into greener – more environment friendly, which is extremely important to keep the world livable for the coming generations.

'R&D Management Solution Inc' is the result of 30 years of collective experience and achievements in top level project management, scientific research, team work, and continuous learning in multinational environment. Our strength is first hand expert knowledge and skills in multidisciplinary project management, proprietary materials for effective project management, and passion for perfection. Since quality has no upper limit, we are continuously striving for improvement in our service for ‘making happy faces’.

Kakon Nag, PhD, DBA, PMP
Chief Executive Officer

Kakon Nag, PhD, is a certified Project Management Professional (PMP) in good standing from Project Management Institute (PMI), USA. He is an achiever in high level multidisciplinary education and research – having PhD in Biological Sciences, MSc in Applied Chemistry, and Diploma in Business Administration. He is also a Six Sigma Green Belt (SSGB) certified professional. Dr. Nag has been intensely involved in project management and related knowledge and skill development activities throughout his career. Over the years he has translated his research project and lab management expertise into unique Matix-Assisted Performance Evaluation (MAPE) model, a novel and critical element for agile project management, which will be in service by the fall of 2012. MAPE will assist project management offices numerically evaluate how the performance of a critical person is affecting the relevant project in real-time.

Dr. Nag has worked in active pharmaceutical ingredient (API) industries in mid – to – top level management overseeing numerous projects in business establishment and expansion, plant erection, research and development, and also in operational management. Being engaged in top-level cutting edge academic research project management in Japan and Canada, he has published numbers of high impact fundamental and applied research articles.

Dr. Nag has been awarded several prestigious fellowships for his outstanding performance and contribution in research projects including the Japan Society for Promotion of Science (JSPS) fellowship and Canadian Institute of Health Research (CIHR) fellowship. He is a member of Project Management Institute (PMI), American Society of Biochemistry and Molecular Biology (ASBMB), and Canadian Society for Forensic Science (CSFS). He also served for the Superior Court of Toronto, Canada as a forensic expert.
Naznin Sultana, PhD
Chief Operating Officer

Dr. Sultana is a co-founder of ‘R & D Management Solution’, and is a visionary for our scientific projects. She is a down-to-earth person and extremely dedicated for helping our partners for thorough understanding of the technical segments of business projects. The perfect combination of academic and professional expertise made her an extraordinary person for the success of Biotech and Pharmaceutical projects.

After finishing her MSc in Applied Chemistry, she had started her career as a product development project professional in pharmaceutical industry. She had worked in the various level of management position in the quality assurance department of pharmaceutical industries, and was responsible for product development-related projects as well as overall quality assurance. Later, her agile nature motivated her to the advance research in Molecular Genetics to reveal the genetic basis for diseases and drug targets, and she achieved her PhD focused in Developmental Genetics.

Dr. Sultana is an experienced and recognised scientist in Developmental Genetics with several top level scientific publications. She had been engaged in execution and management of top-level cutting edge research projects since 2003 in international environment. Her discoveries on heart development significantly benefitted the field. Dr. Sultana’s discovery of one of the earliest heart lineage markers can be extremely advantageous for the quick identification of the heart-producing cells in a developing embryo, and in future might be instrumental for the treatment of developmental defects of embryonic heart. She has also discovered a basic factor related to mitochondrial proliferation that can be used as a marker for mitochondrial stressed condition and aging. Her recent discovery of novel genetic elements that can decide the heart-muscle and body-muscle specific gene expression in vertebrate is extremely important for producing genetically modified animal to satisfy specific needs. She has awrded with JSPS fellowship for her research achievement and future prospect as a promising scientist.
Monzoor Wakil, MBA,
Business Development Consultant

Wakil brings with him 15 years of experience working in large corporate houses of air express, consumer goods and pharmaceuticals industry in different management roles. His expertise covers marketing, market research & branding, sales, and global key account management. Lately, he conceived ideas and successfully led two projects namely, “Single Origin Organic Tea” and “Eco Tourism Resort” of $3 million and $25 million size, respectively. Wakil’s blend of experience & expertise will be instrumental to lead the marketing activities of MyManager™.
Adnan Rahman
IT Consultant

Rahman is the Director, Software Development for Seattle based MyGlobalIT.com. He is a former Engineering Section Manager at Polycom, a leader in the Video Conferencing technology industry. He has over 12 years of experience in the IT industry. While at Polycom, he worked closely with Polycom’s iPower, PVX and QSX product lines and was a key interface to IBM, EMC and Intel with respect to software configuration management. Rahman earned his BSc in EE from Northeastern University, Boston, MA. He is a recognised expert in developing software in parallel development environments in distributed locations and relational database management, which are extremely important for the relevant software and interface development of MyManager™.