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Real-time Project and Personal Performance

With the patent pending logic engine of MyManager?, for the first time, you can identify exactly when and why a project is slipping off the plan, and can recover the project before it is too late. Since the success of a project mainly depends on the quality of the team so discovering the weakness of team members will provide the scope to recover from the existing but otherwise unnoticed weaknesses.

Personal Efficiency

Recognize the efficiency of team members in real-time as soon as any activity is done, so that the weakness of team can be discovered and therefore can be recovered.

Personal Productivity

Realize the productivity value of team members based on their completed activities, and identify the value-adding team members for the team or organization.

Project Efficiency


Know the efficiency of a project in real-time as soon as any activity is done, so that the weakness of the project can be discovered and therefore can be recovered.

Project Productivity

Realize the productivity value of a project based on relevant completed activities, and identify the value-adding projects for the team or organization.

Visible Project Planning and Tracking

Using MyManager?, you can create planning at project level, or sub-project level, or assignment level with full details. All activities can be tracked by a click or two, and always you can stay current.



Find which project or activity is running today, who is the responsible person for the job, what is the status, how much money is consumed so far, how much time remains to achieve the goal etc.

Gantt Chart


Identify the interdependencies of projects and assignments, as well as crystal clear information regarding the progress of any project or activity using this highly interactive Gantt chart in real-time.

Efficient Inventory Management

Project uses materials however most of the project management softwares are designed for software industry therefore effective materials management is not possible by those softwares. MyManager? will provide you efficient inventory management system to manage your materials, and even cash.

Current Stock


Instantly identify which materials are stored where, and how much quantity of an item is available so that you can effectively conduct your materials management plan.



Reveal the list and quantity of materials going to expire soon with a click so that you can prioritise your activity plan to consume valuable materials which are going to expire soon and can save from unnecessary spending.



Track project related purchases at any time to get the historical purchase information for a project. This is an extremely important reference for planning of similar projector for supplier/vendor selection in future.



Track project related requisitions and issues at any time to get the historical consumption information for a project. This is also an extremely important reference for planning of similar project in future.

Granular Access, Confidentiality, and Collaboration

Dual-level access permission in the modules of MyManager? ensures no unauthorized access to any information or activity so that organizational or project hierarchy can be maintained.



Create as many roles as you wish to satisfy organizational or project hierarchy. You can also allow external clients like collaborator, auditor, supplier etc. as deemed reasonable.

Access Permission

Access Permission

Allow different level of access to the modules based on role. Depending on the given permission a person can view, edit, add and delete any specific information or task. It is suggested not to allow delete permission to any role except it is essential.

One-stop Information Bank

Project related all information for example, relevant assignments, documents, consumed materials, change history, even communications/messages all are available in same place under a single button so that you do not need to surf unnecessarily to find a piece of information.



Get the overview and current status of all projects in one table. Failed projects and dates are shown in red font, successful projects and remaining days are shown in green font and ongoing projects are shown in black font.


projects Detail

Check specific detail of a project at any time. You will find the objectives, budget, owner, other persons given access to see relevant info, putative risks, risk management plan, consumed cost, start date, end date etc of a project.



Access all relevant documents uploaded so far for the relevant project in highly organized way at the same place. You can see your desired document with a single click.


Project's Assignments

Reveal all the information for relevant assignments for any project with a single click. You can see the detail of any assignment by clicking onto specific assignment.



Know the performance values specifically, cost performance index, quality performance index, schedule performance index, and overall performance index to identify how the project is progressing.



Get all information for relevant consumed materials for any project with a single click. You can see the detail of requisitions like who has raised it, for how much of which materials, and from which store on what date.



Instantly identify how the project has been evolved – for example, who has created the project, who has modified or edited it and when. One can edit the project info if allowed to do so but all the change history will be recorded for traceability of the changes.



Retrieve all the relevant messages for a project with a click – a very useful archivefor effective monitoring and controlling of a project. You can identify who has initiated any change request and why, and how it was processed; no confusion at all.


All important information can be exported as PDF format with a single click so that you can easily maintain project progress portfolio, which can be used as organizational process asset.



Get all projects and assignments lists as printable or PDF report so that you can manage a back trail of activities.



At any time, reveal detail report of your detail inventory status, which can be used for satisfying audit process.

Project Performance


Reveal the efficiency and productivity values for projects,whichare instrumentalfor decision making on existing as well as future project management.

Person Performance


Realize the activity-based efficiency and productivity of team members, which can be used as document for necessary HR management including improving specific weaknesses of a team member.


This section will provide additional value-adding functionalities to the project management team, and will help to execute project management activities securely and smoothly.

User Footprints


This unique module will help to track whether any account is accessed by unauthorized user, so that the user can immediately take necessary action to ensure the security and integrity of the program before it is too late.



This module will provide machine or equipment or room etc. booking facility so that the team can ensure the availability of the necessary machine or equipment or room in advance. It will also create necessary cost information for relevant booking.


  • User Management
  • Project Planning and Monitoring
  • Man, Machine, & Materials Management
  • Personnel Performance Analysis
  • Project Performance Analysis
  • Team Performance Trend
  • One-Stop Information Bank
  • Quick Real-Time Reporting

Other Pages

Personal Dashboard

Every person in a team has responsibilities, as well as privacy. MyManager™ provides only relevant information to a person, which are not visible by other person unless allowed. So you can stay assured that you are working in a private environment. Click to check a sample dashboard.

Team Dashboard

Team leaders or managers who are responsible for the activities of a team or teams will have access to all relevant activities from a single window enabling access to real-time information for efficient management of projects and teams. Click to check a sample dashboard.