Efficient resource management is extremely critical for the successful completion of any project. However, many project managers are in confusion about resource management for example, when to do the resource management plan, what to include in it, with whom it to share etc. Following techniques will help you to effectively handle resource management like a pro.

Identify the resources
Many project managers make a cardinal sin by considering resource planning is necessary only after the business case is approved. However, smart project managers start identifying the resources necessary for a project as soon as the business case is initiated for the relevant project. This preliminary resource list is extremely important for developing a business case. Business case remains incomplete without this primary resource list.

Categorise the resources
Categorise the resources in multiple ways for example, based on availability: (i) resources in hand, and (ii) resources to be arranged; based on use: (i) primary resources, and (ii) secondary resources; based on physical nature: (i) manpower, (ii) materials, and (iii) machines and facilities. Software related project managers generally do not consider machines and facilities as their resources. This is completely a wrong approach because these resources have finite life-span (amortizable) and they are critically contributing for the success of a project. Therefore try to identify and categorise all necessary resources correctly. If you have done mistake in this step, your whole resource management will be faulty that will be a big threat for your project success.

Build up a resource library
Create a resource library and maintain the log for the uses of all different types of resources. It is wise to use a system, like MyManager™, which can provide the opportunity to create integrated resource library so that the control of the resources will be very efficient and real-time data can be achieved. Such type of integrated data management system for resourceis extremely helpful for effective resource management.

Control resources
Using an integrated management system, like MyManager™ control all of the resources. Integrated system will efficiently log all of the uses/consumption, availability, and future requirements of all resources as soon as they will be consumed in project. Such kind of system will also tremendously supportive for efficient resource planning.

Proactively update the resource management plan
Start reviewing the resource list proactively on regular basis as soon as the business plan is approved for a project. Reviewing of resource list must be done periodically, and do not forget to update after an issue has been raised or a change has been made for a project. Never wait for someone to ask you to update the list but do it immediately as soon as you can identify any issue.