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Activity Management

MyManager™ provides an efficient system to plan, execute, monitor and control your projects easily. You can access, create, and edit all of the relevant activities at any time. Get all the relevant information whenever and from wherever you wish to have any.

  • Integrated activity log
  • Interactive Gantt chart
  • Real-time project status
  • One-stop activity tracker

Performance Management

Projects are dynamic in nature – it has to move along steadily to be ended up successfully. Reveal the key performance information of the project and team in real-time using our unique patent-pending logic engine so that you can identify the weakness as soon as it happened and can recover the project before it turns out severe.

  • Project Performance
  • Team Performance
  • Individual Performance
  • Performance Trend

Resource Management

Managing resources is a critical domain for efficient project management. MyManager™ will provide you the complete resource management system to manage manpower, machines, facilities, and materials – dare to compare!

  • Manpower Management
  • Inventory Management
  • Machine Management
  • Priority Management

Communication Management

Success of project manager intensely depends on the efficiency in communication management. MyManager™ provides integrated all-way communication facility so that all internal or external communication is convenient and easily trackable

  • Easy live chat
  • Automated reporting
  • Client information portal
  • Activity-linked mailing system

Data Management

Projects run, projects succeed, projects fails, people moves out or moves in but the data should be available, easily trackable, and safely stored. MyManager™ will provide data archiving facility integrated to activities so that you can get them with a few clicks. Data are secured by latest dual layer security so you can stay in peace.

  • Controlled Access
  • Activity-linked Archive
  • SSL Enabled Connection
  • Highly Secured Databank

Access Management

Projects involved many people – internal to external. However, everybody should not have access to every piece of information or activities. MyManager™ has multi-level granular access system so that only selected information is accessible to designated person.

  • Multi-level Dashboard
  • Traceable User Activities
  • Activity-based Permission
  • Dynamic User Access System

Product Tour

Personal Dashboard

Every person in a team has responsibilities, as well as privacy. MyManager™ provides only relevant information to a person, which are not visible by other person unless allowed. So you can stay assured that you are working in a private environment. Click to check a sample dashboard.

Team Dashboard

Team leaders or managers who are responsible for the activities of a team or teams will have access to all relevant activities from a single window enabling access to real-time information for efficient management of projects and teams. Click to check a sample dashboard.

Other Key Pages

MyManager™ will provide many critical functions and relevant data in a single platform for one-stop efficient management of your projects so that you can always stay current and prepared. Click to check sample screenshots.



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Some additional benefits

Anytime, Anywhere
Home or away, always stay connected with team and activities.
Automated Reporting
Get reports directly in your mail box without any dependence
Less Input, More Output
Spend less money and time, and get more productivity.
Value-driven Collaboration
Collaborate based on facts, and share relevant data confidentialy.
Go Green
Significantly reduce material wastage, paperwork, and task repetition.
Motivated Team
Activity-based evaluation, risk-free team work, and organized data center.

Expert Comments!

  • Very useful tool for data management, resource management and assessment of individuals as well as overall assessment of projects.

    Waliul Khan, MBBS,PhD,FRCPath

    Associate Professor, Dept. of Pathology & Molecular Medicine
    McMaster University

  • A very simple, secure and effective software for managing research project; excellent to track project and team performance in real-time!

    M. A. Jafar Mazumder, PhD

    Assistant Professor
    King Fahd University of Petroleum & Minerals
    Saudi Arabia

  • MyManager is a great deal for keeping the project reports, tracking the progress, updates of inventories, smooth communication, and secured data sharing for professional research teams.

    Nihad Adnan

    Tokyo Institute of Technology

  • The system increases transparency in lab and diminishes misunderstandings; some people are motivated with it but some people feel uncomfortable to be exposed to transparent environment.

    Akira Kato, PhD

    Assistant Professor
    Tokyo Institute of Technology

  • WOW! Never been imagined so helpful management system for our diverse projects! MyManager™ has changed my view for effective project management!

    Ripon Nag

    Managing Director
    Dark Room Ltd

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